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We make what you want ~ The way you want...

Accept All Credit Cards with PayPal

Accept All Credit Cards with PayPal
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Annie's Collection

 • Brown Rose Design
 • Danicas' Daisy
 • Gray Rhinestone Belt w/taper
 • Heart Concho Belt
 • Indian Designs
 • Mottled Black Rose
 • Pink Double Rose Belt
 • Pink Three Rose Belt

Carved Belts

 • Western Floral Pattern

Childrens Belts

 • Buffalo Nickel
 • Child Name Belts
 • Deer & Mountain
 • Horse n' Mountain
 • Turquoise Confusion

Concho Belts

 • Basketweave with Conchos
 • Celtic Cross Concho Belt
 • Diamondback
 • Point Design w/5 Faux Rubi Conchos
 • Point Desing w/5 Conchos
 • Round Saddle Conchos
 • Stearhead Concho Belt


 • Double Rig
 • Hand Carved Holster & Gunbelt
 • Holster - Natural

Haired Cowhide Belts

 • Haired Cowhide w/Conchos

Ladies Concho Belts

 • Heart Concho Belt

Nickel Belts

 • Buffalo Nickel

Plain Belts

 • Plain Leather Belts

Ranger Buckle Sets 1 1/2"

 • Floral Design Buckle Set
 • Gold Canyon Buckle Set
 • Plain & Fancy
 • Western Floral Buckle Set

Ranger Buckle Sets 3/4"

 • Raised Diamond Shapes
 • Western Floral Buckle Set

Ranger Sets 1"

 • Angel Fire Buckle Set
 • Floral Design Buckle Set

Rattlesnake Belts

 • Hand Laced Rattle Snake Belt
 • Rattler Inlay
 • Rattlesnake Inlay with Indian Head Nickles

Tooled Belts

 • Basket Weave
 • Mary Jane
 • Turquoise Confusion
 • Wheat Design

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About Us

  Stuff About Us

~A little bit of background~
Circle W Leather was founded in 1975 and is located Tucson, Arizona. We specialize in handmade leather belts, hatbands and just about anything you would want made with leather.
So, if you’re looking for a specific item to be made and can’t find anyone local to make it… drop ~ Jake ~ line - he will contact you to see if we can make it for you. We’ve been doing this since 1975… and no one has tarred & feathered us, yet.



~Our Mission~



To provide our customers with the best quality products at a reasonable cost.

~Customer Service~ This is a big area for us… We wouldn’t be in business for long if we didn’t listen to our customers… So, anytime a customer has a problem… you will be helped by Jake, the owner & chief cook and bottle washer of Circle~W~Leather~


~Our guarantee is simple…



if you purchase a product from Circle~W~Leather and you absolutely hate it… send it back and we’ll refund your money, including shipping…you can’t beat that deal with a stick.
If you purchase a belt and you accidentally ordered the wrong size…that’s called being human…just return the belt, as long as it is not worn, tell us the size you really meant to order and we will make the correct size and send it to you… we’ll even split the shipping…cause we’re human too~


~Safe and Secure Shopping~



To ensure your transactions are secure when placing orders online, we use, an Internet leader in secure payment processing transactions, on every order processed. We also take extra care to protect your information throughout our ordering and shipping process. To further ensure your security, we use state-of-the-art SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to protect personal information from unauthorized use.

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