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Accept All Credit Cards with PayPal
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Annie's Collection

 • Brown Rose Design
 • Danicas' Daisy
 • Gray Rhinestone Belt w/taper
 • Heart Concho Belt
 • Indian Designs
 • Mottled Black Rose
 • Pink Double Rose Belt
 • Pink Three Rose Belt

Carved Belts

 • Western Floral Pattern

Childrens Belts

 • Buffalo Nickel
 • Child Name Belts
 • Deer & Mountain
 • Horse n' Mountain
 • Turquoise Confusion

Concho Belts

 • Basketweave with Conchos
 • Celtic Cross Concho Belt
 • Diamondback
 • Point Design w/5 Faux Rubi Conchos
 • Point Desing w/5 Conchos
 • Round Saddle Conchos
 • Stearhead Concho Belt


 • Double Rig
 • Hand Carved Holster & Gunbelt
 • Holster - Natural

Haired Cowhide Belts

 • Haired Cowhide w/Conchos

Ladies Concho Belts

 • Heart Concho Belt

Nickel Belts

 • Buffalo Nickel

Plain Belts

 • Plain Leather Belts

Ranger Buckle Sets 1 1/2"

 • Floral Design Buckle Set
 • Gold Canyon Buckle Set
 • Plain & Fancy
 • Western Floral Buckle Set

Ranger Buckle Sets 3/4"

 • Raised Diamond Shapes
 • Western Floral Buckle Set

Ranger Sets 1"

 • Angel Fire Buckle Set
 • Floral Design Buckle Set

Rattlesnake Belts

 • Hand Laced Rattle Snake Belt
 • Rattler Inlay
 • Rattlesnake Inlay with Indian Head Nickles

Tooled Belts

 • Basket Weave
 • Mary Jane
 • Turquoise Confusion
 • Wheat Design

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Handcarved Western Floral Double<br> Holster and Gunbelt

Handcarved Western Floral Double
Holster and Gunbelt

Handcarved Western Floral Double
Holster and Gunbelt

P/N: Dbl-Rig-001

Our Price:


Select a color

Double Rig in Black - Free Shipping included

~ Holster Special Pricing all Double Rigs are $1300.00 (up to size 48) - Free Shipping ~

These Holsters and Gunbelts are hand carved and hand tooled out of oak
tanned cowhide.

Both holsters and gunbelt are leather lined, then they are glued and
stitched together with 14 oz nylon top thread and #94 nylon bobbin thread –

These rigs are put together the right way and will be around for quite
some time.

You can get these rigs in Black – Mahogany – and Natural

They come in 22 – 44 – 45 & 38 calibers in right & left handed.

They are available in size 32 to 48 for the same price –

If you need a belt above size 48 they are $18.00 additional in price.
Send Jake an email with the size and color you need

If you want a double rig tell Jake– they are an additional $60.00.

I live in Arizona and some of my friends south of the border are fine
leather crafters and they put these rigs together the same way we do
in the good old USA.

What size should you order – Well, a person will usually need a gunbelt
set 2 inches larger than their pant size.

So, grab a tape measure and wrap it around the area you intend to put the gunbelt
and that is the size rig you need to order –

Or let me know the size pants you wear & I’ll do the rest.


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