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Annie's Collection

 • Brown Rose Design
 • Danicas' Daisy
 • Gray Rhinestone Belt w/taper
 • Heart Concho Belt
 • Indian Designs
 • Mottled Black Rose
 • Pink Double Rose Belt
 • Pink Three Rose Belt

Carved Belts

 • Western Floral Pattern

Childrens Belts

 • Buffalo Nickel
 • Child Name Belts
 • Deer & Mountain
 • Horse n' Mountain
 • Turquoise Confusion

Concho Belts

 • Basketweave with Conchos
 • Celtic Cross Concho Belt
 • Diamondback
 • Point Design w/5 Faux Rubi Conchos
 • Point Desing w/5 Conchos
 • Round Saddle Conchos
 • Stearhead Concho Belt


 • Double Rig
 • Hand Carved Holster & Gunbelt
 • Holster - Natural

Haired Cowhide Belts

 • Haired Cowhide w/Conchos

Ladies Concho Belts

 • Heart Concho Belt

Nickel Belts

 • Buffalo Nickel

Plain Belts

 • Plain Leather Belts

Ranger Buckle Sets 1 1/2"

 • Floral Design Buckle Set
 • Gold Canyon Buckle Set
 • Plain & Fancy
 • Western Floral Buckle Set

Ranger Buckle Sets 3/4"

 • Raised Diamond Shapes
 • Western Floral Buckle Set

Ranger Sets 1"

 • Angel Fire Buckle Set
 • Floral Design Buckle Set

Rattlesnake Belts

 • Hand Laced Rattle Snake Belt
 • Rattler Inlay
 • Rattlesnake Inlay with Indian Head Nickles

Tooled Belts

 • Basket Weave
 • Mary Jane
 • Turquoise Confusion
 • Wheat Design

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Mottled Brown and British Tan Belt <br>with five Celtic Cross Conchos

Mottled Brown & British Tan Belt

Mottled Brown and British Tan Belt
with five Celtic Cross Conchos

P/N: PB-CelticCross-001

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Great looking plain Brown & British Tan Belt
with 5-Faux Rubi Conchos

The belt is made with 9/10 oz cowhide - it is dyed with browns and British Tan dyes

The belt is border stitched and has five Faux Rubi Celtic Cross design screw-back conchos
and a standard buckle mounted on it.

We can make this belt in 1 1/2" and 1 3/4" -
Please select the width you want from the drop-down menu

We can dye this design any color you want - make a color selection from the drop-down menu

If you need a belt above size 48 they are $8.00 additional in price.

If you want to make this belt a money belt we will fully line the belt
and sew a 24 inch zipper in the lining.


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